What does the vest do?

There are three (3) unique elements of the current XrossOver Sports business model. 



The XrossOver Training Vest (XrossOver Vest) is a multi-faceted training device. It trains athletes in the skills of strength conditioning, dribbling accuracy, ball handling precision, and shooting. The vest’s design works both sides of the body correcting player flaws and de-programming bad habits. The training vest is meant to be used all throughout an athlete’s basketball life. Basketball is a precision sport. This means timing is very much a critical factor to player’s success. As you get taller or get older your timing becomes different. The vest keeps your timing fine-tuned – delivering better ball handling and shooting skills and creating player ambidexterity. 


The XrossOver Training Program and Academy (XrossOver Academy) is a dynamic, precision program which allows the trainer to develop an athlete’s personal growth by building confidence on the court. It also helps the trainer break through a player’s self-imposed limitations to achieve their full potential. As a complement to the academy, the vest serves as a “Wearable Coach” to solve habitual player issues such as uncontrolled dribbling, one-sidedness, and poor shooting techniques. It is a tool for coaches to use to help players achieve balance and consistency. The band resistance in the vest delivers increased strength in the player’s arms, correcting one-dimensional player habits, enabling advanced dribbling techniques, increasing the range of player motion and good posture, and improving quickness in arm movement and agility. The program allows coaches to train large-scale groups in a one-to-many approach with consistency. The program can be delivered in person or virtually through an upcoming online service portal, which is part of the company’s Delivery Transformation business strategy. 


The upcoming XrossOver Connected Basketball Vest is a smart, wearable training vest and coaching system that will redefine basketball training. The vest will combine years of XrossOver Vest design aesthetics with experience-driven innovative technology and real-time analytics and data services. This revolutionary product will create a dynamic and personalized training program for both athletes, coaches, trainers, and parents. The vest will track performance in real-time, allowing users full visibility of real-time data for response and corrective action. The product will allow athletes of all types to consistently train the right way by equipping them with rich information and real-time feedback lacking from current tools today. This imitative is part of our Platform Services business strategy


Our research has shown that both amateur and professional athletes strive for new opportunities to improve their performance and gain a competitive advantage. It is also well known that there has been considerable growth in hardware and software development and the adoption of wearables giving people a wide array of new options for health status, skills/performance tracking, safety monitoring, and online interaction. The prime objective of XrossOver Sports is to leverage technology and this market momentum to create a revolutionary product for the market. Here is our broad scan of the market: ○ Youth sports is on the rise. The growth of Amateur Athletic Union (AAU) participation has continued during the pandemic as more kids have become members of youth sport clubs, academies, and camps. ○ The growth of youth and amateur sports is directly tied to a parent’s devotion to securing their child’s future through collegiate scholarships and/or professional contracts. ○ Growth in sports training at the municipal and state level has increased as communities designate more funding to children health and physical fitness programs. This includes Child Friendly/Healthy Schools Initiatives at schools and park districts around the country seeking cost effective ways to support healthy lifestyles which combat the growing negative impacts of childhood obesity. ○ Technology adoption in wearables has reached mainstream adoption in our data driven society. For example, growth in IOT/connected devices has led to an explosion in data acquisition and analytics covering areas like heart rate, skin temperature, perspiration, and other individualized health and performance data. ○ The “Next Big Thing” for the existing patented product is enhancement with connectivity, analytics, and an real-time user experience. ○ The vest does have the potential to be an “integration and data platform” for other future body-worn, connected devices. ○ Connected training platforms provide new insights for coaches and trainers to mine data to deliver personalized training programs and present detailed athlete insights to teams and parents. ● The Problem Today – Lack of Integrated Training Solutions ○ There is no wearable basketball training platform that can provide personalized, real-time, verifiable data to support a customized training program. ○ There is a saturated market of bespoke, non-integrated athletic solutions that cannot integrate data to provide cloud-based insights that deliver a defined blueprint for athlete success. ○ Trainers/Coaches can’t be everywhere, and they lack real-time data necessary to ensure verifiable player accountability and consistency to their training approach. ○ Our growth strategies for Delivery Transformation (training innovation) and Platform Services (connected data and analytics) seek to address these issues.

AGES 7-17

The data shows that athletes are most likely to be engaged and committed to a new sport fro the age range of 7 to 17. They are more likely to develop skill sets such as hand eye coordination and dribbling moves that will increase their chances of being recruited to the next level.


Amateur athletes have the most potential in that they are the most heavily recruited prospects in the game. Coaches travel all over the country looking for talk within the amateur athlete space. 


Coaches and trainers are the ones who parents entrust with their kids skill set and athletic future. For this reason, enhancing their programs will be a beneficial arrangement for all parties.

Progress + Traction

  • 2007: The XrossOver Training Vest was patented and launched. 

  • 2008: The XrossOver Academy started the first live in-person training program. 

  • 2010: XrossOver Sports began sales outside of US (i.e., in China, France, India, Mexico, and the UK). 

  • 2018: XrossOver Sports partnered with Microsoft for StartUps™. A Connected Wearable POC was completed that year in conjunction with Southern Methodist University (SMU). 

  • 2019: XrossOver Sports milestone of 5,000 vests sold. 

  • 2019: XrossOver Sports conducted first international training event in China with the Chinese National Basketball team. 

  • 2021: XrossOver Sports milestone of 10,000 vests sold


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