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It doesn't matter what age, size or skill level our athletes have when they begin training with us. Our next generational model ensures a fundamentally sound approach to training. Our approach helps develop the mindset off the court and approach toward the game of basketball as well as the tangible skills and moves that can be used on the court. It clears the smoke screens that other basketball training programs display. Our athletes are trained in practice and coached in the game. 

How You Practice, Is How You Will Play



DKEdgar Inc. began making, distributing and training young athletes in a never before seen product called the XrossOver. The inventor, Danario Edgar, began training his own son first.



The Future Phenoms get 6th place in the Nation on the NYBL Stage after starting at No. 25 our of 25 teams. No one picked the team to go any higher.


Rodrick Matthews and Keith Spencer enter into a new facility with XrossOver in Dallas, TX.


Rodrick mattress received a licensing agreement from DKEdgar Inc. to distribute and train kids in the XrossOver vest in Plano, Dallas. The birth of Future Phenom's AAU team was conceived.


Created Partnerships with YMCA, NBA, UHD camp, D-spot Camp, and OKC Camp


XrossOver takes students to Beijing and Shanghai, China to help train Chinese athletes.


Danario Edgar, CEO/Founder

Danario Edgar is CEO/Founder of XrossOver Sports and the creator/designer of the XrossOver Training Vest™. He is also the developer of the XrossOver Sports Basketball Training Program and Academy. His interest in basketball began as a youth, when he was involved in the sport as a player in Detroit, Michigan. Danario earned his bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering at Prairie View A&M University. He has since been focused on research and the development of sports technology dedicated to youth performance and training. He has been the sole visionary of the XrossOver brand from its inception. Fun fact: Trained Chinese National Basketball Team in Shanghai in 2019.

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