Basketball Net


The primary goal of XrossOver Sports is to provide athletes, both male and female, of all ages with effective, durable, skill-enhancing equipment. The company also seeks to make these items an affordable training alternative. Specifically, the XrossOver Vest will improve any basketball player's shooting, passing, and dribbling skills. We have launched the XrossOver Vest to a core target market ages 7-17. Through research, it has been found that at this stage in life that most athletes develop their skills and form. It is also done at the expense of their parents. The affordability of the product plays a key role in the niche that the company will fill in the sports market. Especially considering the price of basketball training camps that parents pay each year. With the XrossOver Vest, parents can make a one time investment in their young athlete's development.

Our Scientific Patented XrossOver Vest Developed By Coach Danario Edgar