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It Doesn't and Shouldn't Matter What Age, What Size or Athletic Ability Our Athletes present when they Begin Training with us. Our Next Generational and Fundamentally Sound Model has cleared up the Smoke Screens that other Basketball Training programs have represented. Our athletes are trained in practice and Coached in the game. We instill in all of our athletes that, "How You Practice, Is How You Will Play,"


Our Scientific Patented Xrossover Vest Developed By Coach Danario Edgar

Proper Form Technology to decrease injury during fundamental training producing
Muscle Memory.

•Front, Behind the Back and Advanced Level Dribbling Technology producing Muscle Memory.

•Ambidexterity and Strength Training for the Primary,
Secondary Arm and Hand Extremities by using the Arm Sleeve Technology component producing Muscle Memory.

•Proper Form, 90 Degree Angle Shooting Trajectory Technology.

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